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The core building blocks of NutritioGenX are NATURE . NUTRITION . HEALTH.

At NutritioGenX we believe Nature has answers to all the Nutritional requirements for an individual to lead a Health life.

Each element that goes into the product is sourced naturally and carefully selected with the highest quality standards.

We at NutritioGenX are super passionate about creating a healthy life for individuals and families.

NutritioGenX JOURNEY

Dipti Mankame

Dipti Mankame


The founder and CEO of NutritioGenX, Dipti, is a Post Graduate in Clinical Dietetics & Applied Nutrition with a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine from a Premier Indian Institute in Mumbai.

She has 10+ years of experience as a Chief Dietician practicing medical nutrition & therapy. She specializes in individual nutritional assessments, weight loss diets and therapy Diets. With a wide array of experience into health, parenting, and natural living topics she presents information in a clear and usable way for an individual. Her goal is to present practical tips, DIY beauty instructions, natural remedies, and other information to make everyday life better.

@Nutritiogenx our team puts in thousands of hours of research to understand each ingredient in detail, its benefits and most importantly its safety to human consumption. Products & its uses are thoroughly reviewed and verified prior to formulation.

With NutritioGenX our endeavor is to take these specially designed Natural Supplements to each individual and make Nature Nutrition & Health a part of daily our daily lives to ensure a Healthy world.

What Our Client Says

I am 45 years old and used to have frequent bloating and digestion issues. My doctor suggested this natural drink NutritioGenX Apple Cider Vinegar to be had every morning & after heavy meals. It has worked wonders for me, in addition to decreasing my bloating it also improved my immunity. Now I don't have cough & cold often

ApurvaBloating and Digestion Issues

I had put on a lot of weight during my first pregnancy. Joined a gym and went on nutritious diet but the effect was slow & marginal. My dietician suggested NutritioGenX Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother to include in my diet. I followed this & continued with my diet & exercise. I lost 1.8Kg in 5 weeks good belly fat loss & overall 6kgs weight loss in 3 months. Immunity also improved. Thanks Nutritiogenx


Long working hours, work stress coupled with outside food & my sweet tooth resulted in immense weight gain. Infrequent gym added to the weight gain mess. Gym Instructor recommended Nutritiogenx Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. I tried the honey cinnamon lemon mixture along with ACV for 3 months and managed to shed around 2 kgs. Moreover I started feeling energetic and light weight.

PankajEntrepreneur & Traveler

The beautician at the parlor asked me to dilute NutritioGenX Apple Cider Vinegar with water and use it on my skin as a toner. It has worked wonders for me and have noticed the extra skin glow, clearer and healthier skin in just two weeks of regular usage. Doctor suggested me to drink ACV regularly with water for similar positive effects on skin and health. Now I use this product for skin and overall well-being.


I love food and losing weight was always a challenge, I just couldn’t eat less! My dietician suggested I try NutritioGenX Apple Cider Vinegar and voila! I eat less now. The difference I noticed was how I actually felt fuller faster. As per research, that’s because Apple Cider Vinegar can actually suppress appetite and decrease calorie intake