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Probiotics & Its Uses

Probiotic Supplements for Healthy Gut

What is a Probiotic

Probiotics are helpful bacteria. They help the body to do what it’s suppose to do and help do it better. Probiotics enhance the absorption of many vitamins and minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

What do Probiotics do?

Probiotics help move food through your gut. Researchers are still trying to figure out which are best for certain health problems. Some common conditions they seem to be beneficial are:

  • Irritable/ Inflammatory bowel syndrome
  • Skin conditions, like eczema
  • Preventing allergies and colds
  • Oral health

What is the difference between Probiotic and Prebiotics

Probiotics: These are beneficial live bacteria that are naturally created by fermentation in ffods like yogurt

Prebiotics: These are specialised plant fibres which act as food for probiotics

Why should prebiotics be included with probiotics in supplements.

Prebiotics impact the gut flora positively. More importantly it acts as food for probiotics as  they are not affected by heat and stomach acids. There fore prebiotics not only keeps the probiotics alive inside the capsules, but also helps them multiply inside the stomach.

Adding probiotics to your diet

How do you decide whether to add probiotics to your diet? A first step is to talk with your doctor to make sure they’re right for you. Probiotics are generally considered safe to consume, unless you have a compromised immune system or you’re seriously ill. Also, ask your doctor or pharmacist about dosage.

You may want to begin taking probiotics simply by adding some items with natural probiotics to your diet. Yogurts or healthy fermented foods.

A Probiotic dietary supplement, adds many advantages such as improving your immune system, gut health and skin. Probiotic supplements are healthy & safe options for filling the gut friendly void spaces in your diet.